Madame Marissa
Preparing foot sweat soaked croissants for YOU!
Preparing foot sweat soaked croissants for YOU!

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Look at these 2 little croissants ... I'll prepare them for you properly! I'll put them into my nylon socks - so they'll be under my toes and feet all day long ... and to make them even more sweaty, I put on an extra pair of normal socks on as well - before putting on my warm fur-lined ankle boots. They're getting flattened under my feet immediately and they'll be soaked in my foot sweat over the course of the day. I drive to the office, visit a friend of mine and get some groceries before I return in the evening. Almost 12 hours later I return - your dinner is almost ready, slave! I take off my boots and reveal my sweaty socks - you can even see they're moist - through the croissants, nylons and normal socks! Then I take off my socks and nylons as well to take out the sweat-soaked croissants. Just a last addition to your meal ... a lot of my divine spit! Then they're ready to be eaten ... so go ahead ... eat the spit & foot-sweat soaked croissants!