Madame Marissa
Pain under riding boots or humiliation under riding socks?
Pain under riding boots or humiliation under riding socks?

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Well, loser, you didn't get to feel my leather riding boots for quite a while, did you?! Do you remember the hard, nailed soles? I know they'll hurt you a lot when I walk all over your face with them! How does it feel when I just keep standing for a while? Can you feel the edges of my boot soles digging into your skin? Leaving behind painful and very visible marks?! Or maybe I should just stomp down on your face a few times? :-D But training your pain endurance was only the first part of this session ... let me take off these boots quickly! Look at these riding socks ... I've been wearing them quite a lot lately and obviously they didn't get washed in between! And now you'll smell them, you'll inhale the intense odor of my stinky socks! Of course, I'll still stand on your face, and even without the boots I'll hurt you a lot - so let's see how long you can endure this mix of pain and humiliation!