Madame Marissa
Pain and fear under my high heels
Pain and fear under my high heels

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This slave loves my sexy high heels - but he'll now learn that - for him - they only mean pain! I start to trample his body and my thin high heels sink deep into his fat chest and stomach - leaving behind nice marks with every step. But I not only want to make him suffer pain today - I want him to experience true fear as well! First, I walk over his head a couple of times and stand on it - and he better keeps his head very still - he surely doesn't want me to slip! And then, I grab some grapes and put one after another on one of his eyes - to then crush them with one of my heels! For this, the slave really has to trust me - and he's still in so much fear! After that, it's time to make his body suffer a little more with some brutal trampling!
Tags: Trampling