Madame Marissa
Our high heels destroy all of your inflatables!
Our high heels destroy all of your inflatables!

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Today you'll suffer a lot - watching us destroy your beloved inflatables with our merciless high heels! Do you like the sexy high heels Lady Nora and I are wearing? Too bad they're so dangerous for your inflatables ... and if I'm not mistaken, some of these inflatables are really old and rare ... and you love them a lot, don't you? One after another gets to meet our brutal high heels and we cover them in holes. Does it hurt your little heart when you hear the pop as our heel pierces through the thin plastic and then the sound of all the air escaping? When we're done with them, your whole collection will be flat as a pancake, and with that many holes, they're probably beyond repair ... ready for the trashcan!