Madame Marissa
Old vs. new - trail running shoe torment
Old vs. new - trail running shoe torment

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I start by showing the slave the difference between my old, 3 years old, trail running shoes and my brand-new ones. The old ones are really worn out, have barely any tread left and stink really bad after being soaked in foot sweat for all of these years - the new ones on the other hand have a nice deep tread - still very sharp. The slave is going to suffer under both pairs now. While I make him sniff the stinky inside of my old shoes, I trample his body under my new ones. And I even make him hold the stinky shoe on his face! He really suffers from the pain and disgust and begs me to stop - but I want to have some more fun with him. He always takes the shoe off his nose - so I decide to get even meaner - and tell him that I'll crush his cock under my new shoes every time he lifts the shoe off his nose - and only get off his privates when he puts the shoe back on his nose!