Madame Marissa
Office technician sniffs my stinky party feet
Office technician sniffs my stinky party feet

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I was at a party last night and went straight to the office - and the new office technician comes into my office before I could change my clothes. My chair is wobbling for quite a while already and the door opening pedal really doesn't work reliably - I hope he'll get both of these problems fixed before the boss arrives - so I can change into more office suitable clothes before he sees me in this outfit! While the technician crawls under my desk and checks the chair and the pedal, I stay at my desk and dangle my feet in front of his nose - although I'm sure they don't smell good after a party night! I even take off my shoes and touch his face with my sweaty feet, but he doesn't seem to care :-D When he works on the pedal, I also step on his hand a couple of times and when I walk out of the office to grab a coffee, he secretly smells my shoes! The new office technician seems to have quite the foot fetish ... and I'm sure I'll be able to take advantage of that in the future!