Madame Marissa
Office slave licks my filthy pumps
Office slave licks my filthy pumps

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My personal assistant serving me as a footstool under the desk in the office, but since I've an appointment coming up, I order him to get on his knees instead while I put on my high heels. They're not really clean and obviously, I can't go to a meeting with dirty shoes ... so it will be his job to clean them completely! He has to polish the leather with his tongue and also lick off all the dirt from the soles and heels of my office shoes. After this pathetic loser cleaned my high heels properly, I put on my jacket and order him to put his hands on the floor - so I can trample them a little bit under my newly cleaned high heels while I check some messages on my phone. Of course, in a few hours when I get back - he'll have to clean my high heels again!