Madame Marissa
No Escape - extreme foot smelling
No Escape - extreme foot smelling

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I've worn the same socks and shoes for a couple of days now - and by now they should be pretty sweaty and stinky! I bind my slave's hands behind his back and then sit down on his stomach - this way he can't get away from me - or my stinky feet :-D First I take off my shoes and put them on his nose - judging by his moaning and disgust they seem to stink as expected :-D Then I take off my socks and push one down on his nose - but he keeps getting some fresh air through his mouth. That's when I grab a roll of duct tape, stuff my sock into his mouth and seal it with duct tape. Now he doesn't get any fresh air and can taste my foot sweat as well! Then he gets to smell my socks again and finally followed by my bare feet!