Madame Marissa
New high heels cover your inflatables in holes!
New high heels cover your inflatables in holes!

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Do you like my new sexy high heels? They're incredibly sexy, aren't they?! Unfortunately for you, these heels are really dangerous for your beloved inflatables ... only the tiniest amount of pressure is enough for the heels to pierce through the pressurized chambers of the inflatables - and they leave behind nasty holes all over your inflatables! And with most of them I won't stop after a single hole ... no, your inflatables will be completely covered in holes, they will be destroyed beyond repair - and you can't do anything to save them. You can just watch how these sexy heels destroy your beloved collectibles one after another. Does is hurt you to see them getting flattened? To hear them pop as my heels pierce through the plastic again and again?! To hear the air escaping them one last time?! Yes, I bet it does - and that makes me enjoy it even more!