Madame Marissa
New boots destroy his hands and fingers
New boots destroy his hands and fingers

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I've got a nice pair of boots as a gift - and they've the perfect tread for trampling - it's soooo deep - it's going to leave behind perfect marks! And now I'll try them out on the slave's hands and fingers. For the best results, I start with long standing on a single spot with my full weight - and just as I expected, they leave behind nice painful imprints on the loser's fingers and hands. But of course, just standing would be a little boring ... so I'll make it a little more interesting for myself - and a little more painful for the slave - by mixing in some stomping, some stepping on just one finger, a little grinding, some walkovers and a little tip-toe standing. In the end his hands are completely destroyed - and I'm already looking forward to trying out what these boots will do to other parts of his body :-D