Madame Marissa
My nylon feet fuck your brain
My nylon feet fuck your brain

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So, did you have a nice evening like I did? I don't think so! And this sight immediately melts your brain, doesn't it?! My long legs in these nice nylons and thinking about how my feet will smell after a long evening in these nylons and shoes, brings you to your knees immediately. You can't take your eyes off my feet as my heel slips out of the shoe and the shoe only dangles on my toes. Do you want to stick your nose into it?! I want you to beg me, to let this shoe fall down to the ground and to allow you, to bury your nose in my moist smelly foot soles! Only thinking about that fucks your brain, gets you even hornier and the smell of my feet will control you completely. Your need for my feet drives you into complete addiction and you'll follow every order and fulfill any wish I might have - just to get close to my feet ever again!