Madame Marissa
My long and cruel facesitting game
My long and cruel facesitting game

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It's so much fun to play this mean wheel-of-fortune facesitting game - the app will decide how long the loser will be smothered under my divine ass - anything between 10 seconds and 90 seconds - and only the luck decides! And today we'll play it even longer - then we also might get lucky to get some 90 seconds rounds in a row! And to make it even worse for the slave, I've put him in a bondage bag, so he's completely helpless under my ass! Again and again, the app decides how long the slave will be smothered under my butt and due to the constant lack of oxygen, it gets harder for him to handle with every round we play :-D And if the app only decides on a short time, I sometimes make it harder for him by bouncing my ass on his face or sitting down with my legs extended over his body - so he gets even more weight on his face!