Madame Marissa
My human boot and sock cleaning machine
My human boot and sock cleaning machine

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My boots are so dirty - it even crunches when I walk over the floor! Therefore, I’ve locked the slave in the smotherbox and now I’ll use his face and tongue to clean my boot soles! He’s a little hesitant at first - but after I’ve rubbed my muddy boot soles over his face a couple of times, he’s a little more motivated and sticks out his tongue - so I can clean my boot soles on it. It immediately turns black from all the mud and he’s clearly disgusted - not that it would matter or help him in any way. He also has to suck the chunky heels and eat all the dirt from them as well. After he cleaned my boots pretty well, I got another mean idea! I take off my boots and reveal my sweaty white socks - and he’s not only going to smell them :-D I trample all over his face and let him feel my full body weight. Obviously, my white socks get dirty from his muddy face quickly - so in the end, I take them off, stuff them into his mouth and order him to suck out all the dirt and sweat!