Madame Marissa
My foot slave has to serve my friend as well!
My foot slave has to serve my friend as well!

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Why should my slave only have to worship my feet? I have a friend over and her boots are quite dirty - so I offer her to use my foot slave to get her boots and feet cleaned! First he has to lick the dirty soles of her boots, suck the heels clean and kiss them all over - I even spit on her boots and make him lick the spit from them! My friend takes a few photos with her phone while he licks and kisses her boots - maybe she'll share them on facebook later?! In between he gets to kiss and lick my boots as well - before she takes off her shoes and I press his face into her feet - which are obviously pretty sweaty and stinky after a day in boots without socks - but that doesn't save him - he'll have to lick them anyway. I make him lick her sweaty soles, suck on her toes and even lick between her toes!