Madame Marissa
My brutal, cruel and extreme long destruction phase
My brutal, cruel and extreme long destruction phase

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I'm sure you already know that my destructive personality and my rage are without any borders, don't you!? One of my fans sent me a giant, enormous cuddly toy with a big heart in his hands. You want to know what I think about so much "cuteness"? I hate it! I drive with my car to a dirty, rough place, get out of the car, throw the cuddly toy at the ground and start kicking it with my over knee boots! I dig my heels deep into his ears! But that's not the main reason I'm here for... so I go back into my car and start driving all over it! I can't stop doing it and so I redo it several times, driving with the wheels right over its plushy skin. Then I take him along with the wheels, right into a dirty puddle on the ground. And I heard that the tiny thing is hungry, so I put a cheeseburger on it and drive over it again! ;-) Finally I also have a very special present for it!