Madame Marissa
Muddy running shoes and steamy socks
Muddy running shoes and steamy socks

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I'll now go for a run - and you'll wait here, chained to the car, for me! I'm sure a few passersby's will be amused to see you here sitting in the cold dirt - but that's not my problem, slave! And even though it's really cold, I still got pretty sweaty feet in my running shoes - come closer, I want to press one of them on your nose! Do you like the steamy foot sweat coming out of my shoe? But these shoes are also terribly dirty, so you'll first lick them clean! And then I'll press my moist sweaty socks on your nose, before I put you and my shoes in the trunk of my car and drive home. And I expect the shoes to be spotless clean when I arrive home!