Madame Marissa
Most-sweaty feet ever!
Most-sweaty feet ever!

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So, I was thinking about a way to get really sweaty and stinky feet - and came up with a mean way. I take plastic bags and put them over my feet - then seal them with duct tape and put on my hiking boots. Time to go for a long walk in the woods. While I walk I feel how my feet get more and more sweaty. As I get back and take off the boots there's actually a lot of visible moist in the bags. I order the slave to get on his knees in front of me, take off the first bag and stuff it on his nose. He's disgusted by the stink inside the bag - but it's going to get worse for him. Next he has to smell my sweaty foot - and then lick it! Of course it's the same procedure with my other foot afterwards :-D