Madame Marissa
Mercilessly training his breath holding ability
Mercilessly training his breath holding ability

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Today I’ll test and train the slave’s breath holding ability. To make sure he can’t turn away his face, I’ve put him in the smotherbox. And to get some good results, I brought my phone and I’ll stop the time. I’ll start slowly, with 30 seconds ... that should be easy enough even for this loser – but I’ll stay on his face longer and longer to train him. He should be happy to feel such a great ass on his face anyway. On 50 seconds he already starts to suffer a little more, but we’re far from the goal still. 70 seconds was already pretty tough for him, but I think we’ll do 70 seconds once more ... just to see if there’s already a little effect from our training! After that I give him a little “break” by only sitting on his face for 30 seconds – before the big finale and I try 2 full minutes on his face afterwards!