Madame Marissa
Mean facesitting game with buttdrops
Mean facesitting game with buttdrops

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You know how much Lady Nora and I enjoy our little mean games, don't you? Today you'll always be smothered 60 seconds under each of our hard jeans asses, seat pad! We'll take turns using your face as our seat - and if you're not able to endure the full 60 seconds, you're even allowed to tap and we'll get up ... but only to drop our ass back down onto your face hard! Do you think you can take a buttdrop with full weight and some momentum, loser? No? Well, then you better try your best to always endure the full 60 seconds! We really don't care either way - we'll have fun either way ... you on the other and ... you'll suffer under our sexy asses either way, seat pad!