Madame Marissa
Mean facesitting - 1 breath for every 10s of smothering
Mean facesitting - 1 breath for every 10s of smothering

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I'll put the seatpad's fate into his own hands - after locking him in the smotherbox, I explain him the rules. He'll be allowed to tap off while I'm sitting on his face ... and for each 10s he could hold his breath before tapping, he gets exactly 1 breath! So, if he wants to get a decent recovery between the smothering, he better holds his breath for a long time - 1,2 or 3 breaths won't be enough to refill his oxygen supply ... while 4,5,6 or even more breaths will probably be enough to recover pretty well, don't you think? Of course, to get this many breaths, he needs to endure quite a long time under my ass. This way it's completely in this loser's hands how hard this session is going to be for him. Let's see how this loser's endurance holds up!