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Mean boss turns you into an office chair
Mean boss turns you into an office chair

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Didn't I order you to get me a new - more comfortable - office chair? You know, that this one is way to uncomfortable for me, don't you? And you also know what's going to happen if you don't follow my orders?! You'll now be my new office chair! Come over her, get on your knees and put your head back - I'll sit down on your face now! I know this is going to be very uncomfortable and painful for you - and the smothering doesn't make it any easier ... but that's your own fault - maybe you'll learn this way to follow your boss' orders! You'll serve me as my office chair for the rest of the day ... and who knows ... maybe I don't even want a new office chair afterwards anymore and I'll use you as my permanent chair from now on, loser!
Tags: Facesitting