Madame Marissa
Marked as a slave by trampling
Marked as a slave by trampling

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So, slave, are you ready for today's session? How do you like these incredibly sexy Casadei high heels? I've something very special planned for you today and these thin, sharp-edged heels will be perfect for it. Since you accepted that you're my personal property by now, I'll mark you appropriately! With these heels I'll leave behind my initials on your forehead! Again and again these heels will dig deep into your skin as I'm shifting over more and more weight - just to lift it right afterwards and press it down right next to it again to add the next dot to the letter. I want the whole world to know who you belong to and what your place is - a living doormat for Madame Marissa, marked with MM on the forehead and forever enslaved! I think I want to go to a restaurant - maybe I'll take you with me - so you can pay for my dinner and I can present you to the public!
Tags: Trampling