Madame Marissa
Loser's face and throat suffer under my feet
Loser's face and throat suffer under my feet

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This loser implied that I gained some weight - and what's the best way to check if I really gained some weight? To trample this loser's face, throat and head under my feet and my full weight! He should be grateful I'm not wearing any shoes that would leave behind painful marks all over his face - he just has to endure the pressure of my full weight! I alternate between his face and his throat - and enjoy his suffering and the fear in his eyes :-D But I also enjoy how his face deforms under my foot soles as I stand on his face and wiggle my toes ... so much fun for me to enjoy, I guess this loser will suffer for a while until I get bored of him ... and next time he'll speak with more caution!
Tags: Trampling