Madame Marissa
Loser swallows insane amount of mud off my boots
Loser swallows insane amount of mud off my boots

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I allow this loser to accompany me on a walk in the woods today - but of course, he has to be useful to be allowed to accompany me! He will clean my boots later, but it's going to be much worse than he thinks at the start of our walk. When we walk past a really muddy spot, I order him to lie down on the ground while I'm purposefully get my shoes really muddy. I use my boot to press his face into the mud first - he better becomes friends with the mud for what's about to happen! Then he has to turn around and I step onto his chest - and then order him to lick the mud-covered soles of my boots! I'm trampling all over his body and wipe my boot soles over his tongue - getting both just as muddy as my boot soles! He struggles to swallow this massive amount of mud - but that's not my problem - he agreed to clean my boots ... and so he will have to clean them!