Madame Marissa
Loser suffers under stinky shoes and socks
Loser suffers under stinky shoes and socks

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I just got back from a whole month of vacation - and I literally did hundreds of miles on my bike and countless miles on foot in these shoes - which obviously got my feet pretty sweaty and intensified the aroma in these shoes even more. I give the slave the choice - either he'll suffer under these brutal shoes ... or I'll take them off and he will suffer under my stinky socks instead and smell the inside of these shoes! At first, he chooses pain over the stench ... but I know how to make him suffer and after a few minutes of trampling his body, his cock and balls, and his face with the brutal tread of my trail running shoes, he begs me to take the shoes off :-D I immediately press the shoe on his nose and make him smell the stinky moist inside - and even stand on top of the shoe to trample his nose into the shoe :-D And finally I also make him smell my socks ... they haven't been worn as long, but after a while in these shoes they've adapted the strong smell pretty good anyway :-D