Madame Marissa
Loser suffers under our jeans asses
Loser suffers under our jeans asses

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I came up with a little friendly competition between Lady Nora and me - and of course this loser will suffer during this competition! We're both wearing tight jeans with hard seams and we have a little bet going who will leave behind the nicer imprints on his face! The center seam of our jeans gets pressed hard into his face and you can immediately see it from his chin over his nose - and the longer and harder we sit on his face, the more notable the imprint becomes. Of course, the position we choose to sit on his face also greatly impacts the outcome - I guess we'll have to experiment with them. After a while we're really annoyed with his whining and his attempts to turn his head sideways - so I grab the smotherbox and lock his face in there. Now there's no way for him to escape our asses anymore!