Madame Marissa
Loser kicked around for fun
Loser kicked around for fun

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Today Lady Nora and I will have some fun with the slave - we will kick him hard with our riding boots and of course we’ll discuss how and where we’re going to kick him. Bad luck for the slave that he doesn’t speak any German - and we’ll discuss in German what we’re going to do! :-D He’ll never know what’s coming! Nora is wearing my Aigle rubber riding boots and I’m wearing my brand new Cavallo leather riding boots - and both pairs of boots have a nice grippy rubber sole that leave behind nice red bruises on the loser’s skin. Every part of his upper body is soon covered in marks from our boots and he’s in a lot of pain - but it’s so much fun for us! He’s clearly afraid of our kicks and to keep him in place, we later put him on a leash - so one of us can hold his leash while the other one kicks him!