Madame Marissa
Loser humiliated in the bathroom
Loser humiliated in the bathroom

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I’m trampling the slave’s hands under my boots while preparing for a dinner date. He screams in pain while I brush my hair and completely ignore his suffering. Next, he has to sit down and put his head back – so I can sit down on his face with my full weight while touching up my lipstick - my sexy ass is completely crushing his nose and he’s completely smothered as well. Then I notice that he didn’t clean my toilet properly after I’ve had guests the night before – so he needs to be punished some more – I order him to lick the toilet bowl and seat clean. This would be way less disgusting if he did the cleaning properly – so it’s essentially his own fault. Then I press his head into the toilet, close down the seat, sit down on top of it and flush it a couple of times. Then he has to continue to clean the toilet with his tongue!