Madame Marissa
Loser has to tongue-clean my dirty boots
Loser has to tongue-clean my dirty boots

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I went on a nice walk in nature today - and got my boots quite dirty! When I get back to the car, I find the slave on the driver's seat - instead of the floor! I pull him out of the car, get on the driver's seat and order him to lick my dirty boots. He has to clean all of the disgusting filth from the deep tread - while I verbally humiliate him and watch his tongue getting dirtier with every stroke of his tongue. After a while, he's close to throwing up and he begs me to be allowed to stop ... well, ok then ... he has to put his hands on the entry of the car and I start to trample his hands instead to get the remaining dirt off the soles - and then he has to continue licking them clean!