Madame Marissa
Loser eats chewing gum from my muddy boots
Loser eats chewing gum from my muddy boots

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I order the loser to lick the dirty muddy soles of my boots - and he eagerly starts with the first one. Always so much fun to watch a loser clean my muddy boots - watching his tongue getting darker and darker, while my boots get cleaner and cleaner :-D After a while I take out my chewing gum and stick it into the dirty tread of the boots - and then order the loser to eat the dirt-covered chewing gum from my boot soles. Then it's time for him to lick the other boot - and surprise - there's another chewing gum stuck to the muddy boot! Of course, he'll eat that chewing gum as well - and clean the boot soles completely with his tongue!