Madame Marissa
Locked up at my feet's mercy
Locked up at my feet's mercy

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I've locked the slave in the smother box and bound his hands to the box with cable ties - this way he's totally at my mercy - or more precisely - at my feet's mercy! I show him my beautiful nylon feet and make him sniff them shortly - then proceed to smother him under my nylon feet. Locked up as he is and with my feet pressing down on his mouth and nose hard, there's no chance for him to breathe - as long as I don't allow it! Again and again he's smothered under my merciless feet - and I even stand up on the box to increase the pressure even further. In the end, I take off my pantyhose and just put it on his face - this way, he can smell them for the hours to come, while I leave him behind!