Madame Marissa
Living doormat for your dirty boots
Living doormat for your dirty boots

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So, how do you like the dirty soles of our boots? As our living doormat, your face will be used by all kinds of shoes - no matter how rough, gross and dirty they are! Again and again we mercilessly walk over your face and rub our dirty boot soles on you. The deep tread digs deep into your skin, the hard heels leave behind painful marks and the dirt acts like sandpaper on your skin - and you've to endure it. We really don't care what we step in - walking carelessly through all kinds of dirt, knowing that we don't have to take care of cleaning our shoes - and we also don't care how much you'll suffer under our shoe soles until our shoes are cleaned again! Is it done with some simple wiping? Or is the dirt stuck in the tread and we need to stomp down a few times to loosen it? Well, we'll see how long you can persevere as our human doormat until we need replacement!