Madame Marissa
Little man in the unaware giantess' office
Little man in the unaware giantess' office

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I've got quite a lot to do today and I'll mostly work at the desk - concentrated and mostly ignoring my surroundings. So naturally, I don't notice you, the little man sneaking up to me on the floor - checking out my worn-out office boots while I sit at the desk. You know it's pretty dangerous for such a tiny guy to be around me, right? I bet I could crush you under my shoes or drive over you with my office chair without even noticing! And maybe I would even step on you so hard, that your crushed body would stick to my shoe - and I could carry you around with me for a while - crushed flat and stuck to my shoe sole! Who knows, after work I'll meet a friend in a cafe - maybe you'll be accompanying me involuntary?!