Madame Marissa
Lick my converse - or I'll drive over you!
Lick my converse - or I'll drive over you!

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I make the slave lie down under my big van - with only his head sticking out and then get into the vehicle. He knows the van is very heavy - over 3000 kg / 6500 lbs - and he gets really afraid when I start the engine and the tires start rolling - but he has clear instructions not to move! I drive back and forth - touching his shoulders a few times and I just love how he flinches when the tires get closer and closer to his body - and even more when they touch him - he really knows I could - and would - crush his pathetic body flat if I felt like it! I stop the car with his head right under the driver's door - step out by walking over his face and then make him lick the dirty soles of my red converse. After a while I pull him out a little further and trample his chest while he licks my shoe soles!