Madame Marissa
Lazy slave punished with sweaty pantyhose
Lazy slave punished with sweaty pantyhose

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I ordered the slave to clean the flat, but when I get back from the office, he still isn't done! I order him to get on his knees in front of me and tell him about my long day ... with a lot of meetings ... and a lot of walking in my high heels - which made my feet pretty sweaty! I take off my shoes and coerce him to smell my moist nylon feet - and massage them as well. After such a long exhausting day I deserve some proper relaxation - and the slave deserves a punishment for his questionable work ethic! He gets to smell the inside of my leather pumps as well, before I take off my pantyhose, press the foot part on his nose and then put the pantyhose over his head! He looks totally ridiculous and he'll now continue the cleaning - with the pantyhose over his head and the smell of my feet in his nose!