Madame Marissa
Kicking and trampling with dirty riding boots
Kicking and trampling with dirty riding boots

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My riding boots are way too dirty to use them in a competition - and I'll use this loser's body to clean them on! But I'm not going to use him just as my doormat - first I'm going to kick his body to get most of the dirt off! Obviously, I'm aware that the dirt, sand and mud on my boots is going to act like sandpaper on his naked skin - but that sounds like his problem, not mine! He's in extreme pain right from the start and after a while, I grant him a little "relaxation" ... he's allowed to lie down on the floor, so I can trample him under my dirty boot soles and wipe them off on his body. But it was only a quick pause, then he has to stand up again and the hard kicking continues!