Madame Marissa
Kicking and trampling - again and again!
Kicking and trampling - again and again!

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Lady Nora joins me again to torment this loser. We're both wearing our riding boots - and pull the loser into the room on his leash. Then we start to kick him! We take turns kicking his chest and stomach, but since this loser already took quite a beating today, it's really hard for him to handle the pain. After a while I order him to get on all fours and we kick his stomach hard from below - again taking turns and not giving him rests in between. No wonder he can't take that for long as well - so next, he has to lie down on his back and we trample his body for a while! Then we start with the standing kicks again, followed by the stomach kicks from below and then finishing him with trampling! Let's see how many rounds the slave can endure!