Madame Marissa
Kicked, trampled and dominated by the riding mistress
Kicked, trampled and dominated by the riding mistress

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I order the slave to stand in front of me and then immediately start to kick his body - with each kick knocking him off his feet and sending him either to the ground or onto the couch! He has to stand up immediately after each kick and I brought along my riding crop to ensure he follows my orders. After a while I order him to lie down on the floor, step on the couch and then jump down on his body. I repeat this a couple of times before I just continue to trample him under the hard, nailed soles of my riding boots. Next, he has to get on all fours, and I kick his stomach from the bottom. I continue this painful game of trampling, kicking and jumping - and I mix in some facesitting as well - until I decide that he had enough ... for now! :-D