Madame Marissa
Just a seat pad - ignored under our asses!
Just a seat pad - ignored under our asses!

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Lady Nora and I want to have a comfy seat - and this loser's face is just the perfect place to sit down on! We take turns sitting on his face and smothering him under our asses while we make fun of him the whole time. And while our asses are really sexy - they seem to be pretty hard to handle for the loser ... judging by his moaning and whining as least! We decide to just completely ignore the loser's suffering, chat about our weekend and take turns smothering him. Sometimes we even sit down on his face together - or one of us sits down on his chest, while the other one's sitting on his face. This loser better gets used to being nothing but a seatpad - and better doesn't hope for mercy under our asses!