Madame Marissa
Join me for a run, tiny guy!
Join me for a run, tiny guy!

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As you see, I'm wearing my jogging shoes ... and today, you'll be allowed to join me and see some more of this big world! Come on, climb on my shoe and hold on tight ... oh ... you're to weak to hold yourself when I start walking? Well, then I'll take you with me in my shoe instead - close to the feet you adore so much ... I just hope, I don't crush you! First, we'll drive with the car for a few minutes ... you can endure, me pressing the pedals, right? Then it's time to run! After a few minutes of running I check on you, take you out of my shoes, let you enjoy the beautiful nature around us for a while and of course you get to smell my feet. Then I put you back into my shoe and I continue my run! At the end of my run you're not looking good anymore ... really squished good! I don't think I can use you anymore like this ... what should I do with you? Should I just crush you completely? Or should I abandon you here to your fate?