Madame Marissa
Into the blackmail trap through Teamviewer
Into the blackmail trap through Teamviewer

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You dumb slave ... you really thought I wouldn't take advantage of getting control over your computer through Teamviewer? Did you really think I'd only buy a pair of shoes through your accounts? For you, this should have been the excitement you were looking for ... but for me, that was only a small bonus! I used the opportunity to look through your documents, your photos, the contact data of your wife and your boss ... so much interesting data ... so much data, I now have and I can use against you. You don't want me to use that against you, do you? No, of course, you don't want that ... and that's why you're going to do whatever I order you to - and pay me, whatever I demand! Your horniness, the little excitement, let you fall into the blackmail trap and now you won't be able to escape anymore!