Madame Marissa
Incompetent employee turned into boss' seat pad
Incompetent employee turned into boss' seat pad

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This employee dared to beg for a pay raise ... and knowing how incompetent this guy is, I'm really not in the mood to ruin my lunch break for this nonsense. He tells me how hard he works for the company and how resilient he is ... so I offer him the chance to earn his raise! I order him to lie down on the bench at my desk and then sit down on his face. And while I continue to enjoy my lunch break, he's getting his face crushed under my body weight and smothered under my ass. Of course, he still hopes that he gets his raise, so he tries really hard to be a good seat pad for me, while I completely ignore his suffering under my butt, have some snacks and enjoy a cigarette. I really don't care how much he suffers under me - for me this pathetic loser is just a seat pad that's to be used. Let's see how his performance holds up!