Madame Marissa
I use him as my footstool and ashtray
I use him as my footstool and ashtray

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I need to take a break and check some messages on my phone - but of course, the slave won't get a break. He'll be my foot stool while I sit down and relax - and since I also want to smoke a cigarette, he'll also be my ashtray! The heels of my GML boots dig deep into his chest and stomach as I carelessly place my boots on him, but he tries his best to stay calm and quite - he knows he'll be punished if he disturbs my break! Every now and then, I intentionally use my heels to hurt him, but most of the time I simply ignore him - just like a piece of furniture that's simply used and doesn't deserve any attention. Obviously, he not only has to swallow the ash, but also the cigarette butt in the end!