Madame Marissa
I'm punishing you, tiny foot sniffer!
I'm punishing you, tiny foot sniffer!

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I'll leave you out of your cage for a short time, tiny slave. While I'm going for a run, I'll leave you behind in the flat. So, enjoy your hour of freedom! When I come back from my run, I don't see you immediately - so I start looking for you - and where do I find you?! Inside one of my shoes! You like them? Like the smell?! Well, I'm going to give you something much better ... I'll shove your tiny body into my freshly worn jogging shoes - they're pretty moist and smelly after running on a hot day like this - but I'm sure you're going to enjoy that! I wonder what might happen if I put these shoes on while you're still inside?! Wouldn't that be a great way to go? Getting crushed in a giantess' stinky shoe by her sweaty moist feet?! Or should I just crush you under my feet? While you're smelling and licking my foot sweat?! Let's see how your life's going to end ...