Madame Marissa
Hurting the floor face under high heels and nylons
Hurting the floor face under high heels and nylons

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Lady Nora and I have locked the slave in the facetrampling box and start by teasing him with our sexy, but very dangerous and painful high heels. We poke his face with the thin heels, make him suck them and walk over his face for a while, before the second part of his suffering begins and we take off our heels - so he can smell the intense odor of our nylons. Just like before, we not only make him smell our feet, but also walk all over his face - and while this may hurt less than the high heels, it's still a lot of weight and pain to handle on his face - and the strong foot smell creeping into his nose the whole time, doesn't make it any easier for the loser :-D