Madame Marissa
Humiliated with spit and stinky nylons
Humiliated with spit and stinky nylons

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I've put the slave on a leash for this humiliation - since I know he hates spit and is completely disgusted by it, the leash is perfect to hold him in place! He has to stay on his knees, so I can spit down onto his face and enjoy how he's disgusted by the feeling of spit running down his face! But I'll not only torment him with spit today - I also brought a pair of worn-out and sweat-soaked nylons - and I pull these tightly over his head! Then I continue spitting into his face and he has to smell my stinky nylons and feel the wet spit-soaked fabric on his face. It looks totally ridiculous - I think I'll make him wear these nylons over his head for the rest of the day :-D