Madame Marissa
Humiliated under stinky sneakers and socks
Humiliated under stinky sneakers and socks

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Get over here and get in your position - on your knees in front of us! You'll now clean our sneakers - and you'll start with Nora's Nike sneakers and lick all the dirt and dust from her shoe soles! Then you'll clean my Puma sneakers with your tongue - in the fine tread the dirt gets really stuck - but I'm sure you'll get all of it out! And once you're done with that, we'll take off our sneakers - we want you to experience this session with all of your senses :-D You'll stick your nose into your stinky sneakers and then smell our dirty sweaty socks as well. Nora's socks are so sweaty, she leaves behind prints on the glass table - and then she'll rub them all over your face to make sure you can enjoy the smell even after you've left! If my socks will leave behind such nice prints as well? Doesn't really matter, you'll smell them too and the smell won't be more pleasant! What a pathetic foot sniffing loser you are!