Madame Marissa
Humiliated loser used as an ashtray and spittoon
Humiliated loser used as an ashtray and spittoon

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I order the loser to lie down on the couch and sit down on top of him to smoke a cigarette. While I enjoy my cigarette, I'll not only verbally humiliate this loser, but also use his mouth as an ashtray and spittoon! Since he can't follow my order to keep his mouth wide open all the time, I get a mouth spreader. After putting this on the loser, he has no chance to close his mouth anymore and I continue to use him as my spittoon. In the end I also take a photo of him with the mouth spreader on and his mouth filled with my spit - and I'll send this photo to a couple of friends - so they can laugh at him as well!