Madame Marissa
Human doormat for my muddy running shoes
Human doormat for my muddy running shoes

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I was out for a run - but on the last few minutes there was a huge thunderstorm - and my running shoes got completely muddy! And guess what your job is going to be ... your face will be my human doormat! Lie down on the ground and keep your face up - so I can rub my dirty shoe soles over your face and scrape off the dirt on your skin and lips. And I’ll give your face a couple of stomps as well - to make sure all the dirt comes out of the shoe tread as well. Does it hurt when I grind my shoe soles on your face, step carelessly on your lips and nose or stand on only my tip-toes?! You know I really don’t care - you’re a human doormat and you’ll be treated accordingly! Maybe I’ll finish you with a couple of jumps onto your face!