Madame Marissa
Human ashtray licks the ash from my shoe soles
Human ashtray licks the ash from my shoe soles

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I'm having a smoke break and the slave has to give me a light in the beginning - then he has to lick the soles of my high heels. I brought an ashtray, but I don't intend to use it - why should I? I've slave here after all - so I empty the ashtray on the floor and then step into the ash and cigarette butts with my high heels - while I use the slave's mouth as my ashtray! Then he has to lick the disgusting mess from my shoe soles while I enjoy my cigarette and use his mouth as an ashtray every now and then. To make the disgusting mess stick to my shoe soles even better, I spit on it a couple of times and then rub my shoe soles in it. Needless to say, that the slave will have to clean the whole floor with his tongue later as well!